Talgarth Mill



Talgarth Mill was built in the late Eighteenth Century on the site of a much earlier mill, dating from the days of Giraldus Cambrensis who was better known as Gerald of Wales, the archdeacon of recon and chronicler of his times (circa 1146 Ė c. 1223). Up until the late 1940s, it was used regularly for grinding corn from local farms, and into the late 1940s it was used for producing animal feeds. However, from the late 1940s to 2010 the Mill fell into disuse and disrepair and was at great risk of collapsing into the River Ennig, the river which had been its source of energy over many centuries. Situated as it is in the town square of Talgarth, the Mill (prior to its restoration) reflected the difficult economic times that the town had experienced in recent decades, but it now is a reflection of the growing vibrancy of the town, with its new delicatessen, craft shops and invigorated Talgarth Stores.

In 2010 the Talgarth Mill project was a winner of the UK-wide Village SOS competition, run by The Big Lottery and the BBC. Success in the competition secured £450000 from Big Lottery, which was supplemented by a subsequent successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund securing a further £350000. Previous and subsequent smaller bids to other grant awarding bodies secured a variety of smaller awards to allow the project to (a) be developed to the stage where it could enter the Village SOS competition and (b) subsequently to allow additional features to be introduced for the public, such as the lovely gardens which are adjacent to the Mill. The fully restored and renovated Mill now welcomes many, many visitors to Talgarth, displaying its fine working machinery and milling flour which is used in both the baking of its award-winning bread and in the Bakerís Table. The latter is the award-winning cafť in the Mill. The entire project was filmed and documented by the BBC and featured in a television series called Village SOS. The Bakerís Table has itself featured on television as regional winners in the Britainís Best Bakery competition.

Below are a few photographs taken by Robert Eckley who recorded the progress of the renovations. For more photographs of the renovations click on the links below.

Talgarth Mill c.1900

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2nd.Sept.2008 - Reroofing of Talgarth Mill 15th.Nov.2010 - Main wheel shaft in place
4th.Feb.2011 - Water wheel rebuilt 4th.Feb.2011 - Leet overflow
14th.Feb.2011 - Weir & sluice gate 24th.Feb.2011 - Gearing complete