Talgarth Mill



Talgarth Mill was built in the late Eighteenth Century on the site of a much earlier mill, dating from the days of Geraldus Cambrensis. Up until the late 1940s, it was used regularly for grinding corn from local farms, and into the 1950s it was used for producing animal feeds. For over 50 years now, it has fallen into disuse and disrepair.

Talgarth was a winner of the Village SOS competition which has gifted the Old Village Mill in Talgarth 400,000 for renovations and reinstatement as part of a green energy project. The money will be used to renovate the village's mill cottage to create a sustainable education and renewable technologies centre, with space for local enterprise and a gallery. The entire project will be filmed and documented on the BBC.

The restoration process started in the autumn of 2008. The first phase of which was the reroofing of the roof with original stone tiles. The main renovations started in 2010 with a completion deadline of February 2011.



The villagers of Talgarth won the Village SOS competition in 2010 and received over 400,000 from the Big Lottery Fund for the renovation work. A Big Lottery Fund YouTube video of the project is shown on the left.

Below are a few photographs taken by Robert Eckley who recorded the progress of the renovations since they began. For more photographs of the renovations click on the links below.

Talgarth Mill c.1900

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2nd.Sept.2008 - Reroofing of Talgarth Mill 15th.Nov.2010 - Main wheel shaft in place
4th.Feb.2011 - Water wheel rebuilt 4th.Feb.2011 - Leet overflow
14th.Feb.2011 - Weir & sluice gate 24th.Feb.2011 - Gearing complete